Construction of Devonshire Heights Road/Hershey Road Intersection Slated to Begin Soon...

The long-awaited realignment of the Devonshire Heights Road intersection with Hershey Road and Douglas Road is scheduled to begin construction this summer.  When complete, the realigned roadway will improve safety at the intersection, which has limited visibility for drivers and has been the site of several accidents or near misses over the years.

Currently, the intersection of Devonshire Heights Road and Hershey Road is only 100 feet away from the intersection of Hershey Road with Douglas Road.  The newly designed will realign Devonshire Heights Road to connect directly with Douglas Road, eliminating a second intersection so close to the first.  It will also add a northbound right turn lane on Devonshire Heights Road to reduce the potential for rear-end accidents and flashing warning lights to alert drivers of a challenging intersection ahead.  In addition, the new section of Devonshire Heights Road will be slightly raised to improve visibility. 

These improvements are the first phase of enhancing safety at this location.  Further re-profiling of Hershey Road is under discussion as a future project by PennDOT to improve intersection sight distance.  (Hershey Road is a state route and is thus maintained by PennDOT, not the township)

The township had asked its engineer, Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc., to investigate the possibility of a traffic signal at this intersection.  However, traffic volumes do not meet the requirements for a traffic signal at this time.  If traffic volumes change, the warning signals at the intersection can be converted to a standard traffic signal at a later date, providing maximum value for township residents.  

During construction, traffic on Devonshire Heights Road and Douglas Road will be detoured, but traffic on Hershey Road will remain open.  Pending final acquisition of necessary rights-of-way, construction is slated to begin this summer and be completed by the end of 2017.  Official construction dates are still being finalized.


Article courtesy of the West Hanover Township newsletter.
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